Sunrise On The Radio Remastered/The Cyrus Clarke Band - CD

Cyrus Clarke, founding member of the Cache Valley Drifters and Acousticats, has also recorded six solo projects. His first CD, “Sunrise On The Radio”, was released in 1997. The newly remastered disc features nine original songs plus “Red Tail Hawk”, a Kate Wolf classic. The title song is Clarke’s homage to Wolf, a friend for many years. 

Mandolin and Telecaster form the basis of sound for Clarke’s bands throughout his solo career and was coined on this record. To make this sound real, Cyrus tapped mando wizard, Tom Corbett and Telecaster ace, Barney Tower. Also rounding out the outfit are Rosie Tower, harmony vocals, Tom Lackner on drums, and Gary Sangenitto playing bass. Guest Nashville artist and old friend, Mark Morell, plays slide and keyboards.